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August 7th, 2010

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12:18 am - RIP Google Wave
I was quite saddened by the news of cancellation of Google Wave. It was one of the most revolutionary and promising technologies I have seen in a long time. The problem is in my opinion lies in the way the product was marketed. Perhaps a little bit ahead of its time, but definitely the problem is with marketing.

My first impression was when speaking with my wife, I told her of Google wave and she said, I was expecting many forms of the reaction, but not:
"What is Google Wave?"
Considering my wife is a techie herself, it was a little surprising that she did not know (or remember) what it is. I was also surprised when I was having lunch with some other friends and I was checking their reactions to the news, none of them heard of the cancellation, and giving that they were all techies, that was shocking too. On top of that, only one of them tried Wave.

Google here seems to be following their strategy or letting things advertise themselves! Funny thing is that Google is probably the largest advertising company on the planet, and they don't know how to advertise properly. Their model, is simply an Engineering based one, where we create this great product, and it will run by itself.

Somehow, this did not work for Nexus 1, and it did not work for Wave. The majority of people are not techie, and they need to learn about these things before they become popular, unless you make a viral thing that spreads in no time.

When I was at IO this year, Wave had a major stream of topics (among 5 others?), so Google was pushing it hard to developers. But not to the consumers it seems. I have a Wave account, and I really want to use it, but only 2 of my friends had wave, so I couldn't really use except the first time, when I struggled to figure it out.
Yes, Wave had a clunky interface at best, ignoring the fact that it changes the user experience, it was not an easy tool to use. It had many quirky little things that you had to go past them, but again, it was not a finished product.

Finally, I am hoping that all that work does not go to garbage, I am sure there are many products that can benefit from this. One of them is Gmail itself, it can certainly make good use of the Wave conversations and create a new revolution in our communication, there need not be a big adoption curve like stand alone Wave did, Gmail is used by millions if not billions. Google seems to have hinted that Wave will not be thrown away, but rather used in other Google products.

Lets wait and see wha happening.... interesting times ahead

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