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August 9th, 2010

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01:09 am - RIP RIM
So soon?
Well this is more of a prediction, RIM is well and kicking now, but with the recent announcement they had for their iPhone killer that isn't, they really lost their last chance to revive their market. Their relevance in the smart phone market is shrinking by the day.
This is compounded by the recent report that Android sales in the US has now surpassed not only iPhone but BlackBerry as well.
Not to mention the whole mess in UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries who have banned, banning BlackBerry due to security/privacy (or I call it unprivacy)

Anyway, I highly doubt BlackBerry will make headwinds, yes their latest phone is interesting that people can browse the internet from their BlackBerries (No, old browser does not count!), but this can also backfire that once people realize what they have been missing all this time, they might just try other smart phones, and that can be counter productive to their market share.

We will wait and see, but at this rate, I think BlackBerry will be number 3 in less than 6months, and there is a big chance that even Microsoft with their lame smart phone offering will surpass them too.

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