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LG Tablet with attitude - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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August 20th, 2010

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02:22 pm - LG Tablet with attitude
According to LG's vice president, the their tablet will be superior to the iPad because it will allow all sorts of business productivity apps like video editing.
LG's tablet will be Android based, and while it might well be true, their biggest disadvantage (besides not having the Apple brand) is that their product is not released yet, and will not be released for a while. So he is in essence not competing with the iPad, he should be competing with the next generation of the iPad because surely Apple will not be sitting doing absolutely nothing for the next few months.
In addition, the adoption rate of the iPad, so many people would have bought an iPad by then, and there will be much more applications built for it, that any device needs to be really impressive to put a dent in the iPad's market share.

Android is great and all, but for some reason people seem to ignore basic marketing strategies.
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