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U2 manager clueless - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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August 21st, 2010

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01:32 am - U2 manager clueless
It appears that Paul McGuinness is now blaming ISPs for the music industry's failings to join the 21st century

Totally clueless. I have not downloaded a single track in 3 years, has he heard of iTunes?
The problem is their brain being stuck in an old mindset, this is 2010. I have the same problem with movies, I am happy to pay fees to have instant access to a movie that I want to watch, but they want to monopolize the whole industry with their stupid DVDs.... No, I am not going to waste my time and drive to the DVD store to see if they have the movie or not.... That's why services like Zip and Netflix (when are they coming to Canada?) are great.
The film industry is now facing the same irrelevance the music industry had 5 years ago and if they don't change their mindset, they will face the same. People download for convinience, not because they don't want to pay. It is a ridiculous argument, Do you really think that if your song was $1 or less, people will waste their time searching and then downloading it? perhaps some people will, but the majority will be just happy paying for the convenience to have it instantly. And this is where you fail Paul, this is why you don't get it.


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