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Google releases VOIP - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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August 26th, 2010

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02:44 am - Google releases VOIP
It has been expected for a while now that Google will release a VOIP app. But this release can have significant effect on the Communications sector.
For decades, Telephone companies have been gouging customers, because they literally had a monopoly on the market especially in Canada. Then came VOIP, and many of them disappeared into thin air, the rest kept fighting a continuing trend of shrinking revenues. But VOIP was never really a big threat to them, because many VOIP companies started to charge a significant amount of monthly charges. Later on VOIP grew bigger and there are many small companies that charge few bucks a month for their service, and that is great IMO. But their users have been mostly restricted to geeks and penny pinchers, because you basically get what you pay for when it comes to customer service.
Now Google is not known for its great customer service (if that thing even existed), but their user base is huge, and since this VOIP service is integrated with Gmail, there is a big chance that they get a big following. Basically you can link your Google Voice account to your Gmail account meaning you can receive and answer calls from your Google Voice number. This is very convenient, and this is a huge factor to get a lot of customers.
I am expecting a couple of things here:
Android will get this service, and this could be another iphone missing feature. Apple has always been interested in marketing their own products, meaning iphone can talk to iPhone, and that's it.
But most people don't have iPhones, and even still have landlines, and without the ability to call these phones, there is no big chance of viral spread.

This could be another one like the big splash with Nexus One, or could be the real deal... time will tell

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