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September 8th, 2010

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10:42 pm - Cisco turns 25
Cisco is quite an interesting company. When it started, it was a quite innovating company, introducing great technologies every day. Fast forward a coupe of decades, 25 years to be exact, Cisco has grown to be a very large company while maintaining their competitive advantage. How did they do it? by continuing to innovate.
I see it every day, small companies rise to the top, only to get crushed by red tape, incompetent employees that want to keep their jobs, and lack of desire to excel. Without naming any names, there are many companies that had great vision of the future, in fact they have brought the entire computer industry way ahead with their contribution, but after they became large, they stopped innovating. Not to say that their employees stopped innovating, but rather the end product that comes out is usually stale, out of date and nobody shows any interest. As most projects get derailed off the track by senior managers (who are career managers and not innovators themselves) or sabotaged by other managers in other departments due to internal infighting or politics.
Cisco on the other hand keeps coming out with new products, and continue to dominate their space despite the large number of competing companies, many of them have huge backings and investors. In my opinion this is a result of sound acquisitions, and great internal culture that encourages innovation (while I haven't worked at Cisco myself, this is what I have read on other sources).

The fact is, information technology is at infancy now, and 25 years may seem short, it is a life time if you compare it to other industries.
Whether they will continue to innovate and come up with solid products is to be seen, but so far they have pretty much always delivered.

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