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September 17th, 2010

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12:12 am - bits here and there
Many development happened in the next couple of days, that deserve a comment or two:
1. Android chips away from the competition in market share, in fact Android is the only OS with market gain (at 4%) the rest saw all their share shrink.
2. RIM reports good financial results, that surpassed expectation a bit surprising considering their shrinking market share.
3. Nokia announced SilverLight support on Symbian! Quote the surprise to me, why don't they just use the proper OS and make it a real fight instead of sticking with Symbian.
4. Nokia gets a new CEO who is Canadian and ex-Microsoft guy. Apparently he was also involved in previous discussions with Nokia regarding integrating more microsoft services in to Symbian.
5. Windows Phone 7 will be GSM only! You cannot be serious Microsoft, you are behind in every term, really!
6. Samsung releases Galaxy. First real competition to the iPad.

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