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September 27th, 2010

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10:31 pm - BlackBerry PlayBook
The much anticipated announcement from RIM was made today, and as many have expected the result is as disappointing as their new Torch announcement  or OS 6.

The new device has many problems that will never make it usable:
1. 7 inch screen, really? it's just a little bigger than a smartphone, so people would get an actual smartphone that they can use to make calls instead of buying a little screen that is not useful to do anything but what a smartphone already does.
2. Lack of 3G: What on earth? if someone was going to design a mobile device with the 3G as an afterthought, coming from RIM! I wasn't really expecting that! This makes the PlayBook a competition to the iPod and not even the iPad, small screen and no 3G.
3. Different OS than the BB, this is definitely weird. BlackBerry is already suffering from lack of apps, so fragmenting their OS install base is only going to harm them. And I find their reasoning odd "You don't build skyscraper on a foundation of a house", it has nothing to do with skyscrapers and houses, just build a slimmed down version with a different UI real estate.
4. Release date: Basically a whole year after the release of the iPad. They are already behind, and will be way behind next year.

Overall, I think this device will flop in a big way like many devices have, and RIM is much better off defend their foothold on the smartphone market otherwise they will lose what they already have if not burn the house!
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