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October 4th, 2010

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04:54 pm - iPad Javascript is slow
Very slow in fact.
I was puzzled by a problem I had with running an Ajax app on the iPad that it was running slow. After a big of investigation I reached the point that having a large javascript file(uncompressed) was also slow. So I went on a goose hunt for trying to troubleshoot the wifi speed, but then realized that the size of the file mattered not for the transfer rate but rather due to the large amount of script to be parsed.

So obviously, the iPad Javascript parser sucks big time and after searching for a bit around the web I found other people with similar conclusion, and some of them claiming 27 times slower than a MacBook, and even orders of magnitude slower than a very cheap Atom based Netbook, quite disappointing. So the problem is not only with the JavaScript execution, but with parsing too.

So Mr Steve, if you are not allowing Flash, you should at least fix Ajax performance!

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