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Google TV, the promise and expectations - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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October 26th, 2010

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11:47 pm - Google TV, the promise and expectations
In my opinion, Google TV will be huge. The fact that the TV entertainment today is way behind when it comes to technology. Granted, TVs have become larger with better surround sound experience in the last few years, but the lack of other media integration is very lacking.

The problem with Google TV however is Google itself. They are great at making good products that are free (mostly) and transform existing markets, but they are really not good at marketing these products, Nexus One being a great example of that. Ironic, considering Google is largest advertising company in the world. The upside this time however, is that there are many companies with vested interest in the product. Sony, Samsung and Logitech with their set-top device can actually teach Google a lesson or two in advertising consumer devices.

Apple on the other hand is really good at advertising, but Apple TV is really a sub-par product that gives nothing to make consumers want to replace their TVs. The fact that it is expensive compared to other solutions is also a turn off for the majority of people.

Google TV has potential in how it will transform the way we watch TV, with our phones being remotes, then sync what we watch with TV, and share with others... great great potential.

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