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Microsoft Kinect launches - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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November 5th, 2010

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08:43 pm - Microsoft Kinect launches
One of the most talked about products this year is Kinect. I have written before the whole change from Natal to Kinect and how bad idea the name change because I thought that Natal was a much cooler name than Kinect, but names aside, I think this is an awesome product.
There has been quite few rave reviews in the last few days about it and how it is really something from the future. I read somewhere that Ballmer mentioned it is one of their best things produced by Microsoft in years, so in reality, it will give them a good boost in bottom line.
The idea is great, I do believe that controller-less consoles are something that had to be done years ago. Wii was a very successful product, and for years both Sony and Microsoft watched Wii become the most sold console, smashing all records, because it simply captured the casual gamer market, when the quality of the games did not matter.
But now, Sony came with their motion controller then Microsoft really upped the game with Kinect. There are many games that controllers (even motion ones) will not do, marshal arts, sports...etc.
Having said that, I don't think Kinect will be perfect for all games, shooting games, car racing games will certainly require controllers, because when you shoot, fly or drive something you will use a controller.
We have yet to see the sale numbers, but it is very telling that Wii sales started dropping already, something hasn't happened in years.
I also think that Kinect will reward the Microsoft investors, that have been waiting for a long time for something useful coming out of the software giant. We will see. My favourite statement was from an analyst I read few days ago that Microsoft stock is a great buy now especially with their rather high dividend, he said that buying the stock will give you 3% return just so you wait for Balmer to be fired :)
Congrats to the XBox team for bringing such a great product, the only division in Microsoft that is keeping up in my opinion!

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