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RIM lacks vision - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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November 17th, 2010

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12:02 am - RIM lacks vision
Love them or hate them, blackberry still takes a big chunk of the smartphone market, while it is still shrinking, they managed to slow down their ever shrinking share with the new OS6.
It is still behind when it comes to the overall user experience, but at least it is not a retarded device anymore, like pre-tourch blackberries used to be.

What I do find troubling however is that even after 2 years of being left in the dust in the smartphone market, Basillie thinks that apps are a passing fad! This is the kind of vision that left Microsoft out of the web for many years! they are still playing catchup and I doubt they will be able to beat Google at a game they were so much behind.

Microsoft used to own the biggest chunk of the smartphone market, but they since lost most of it to the other 3, now Blackberry is moving to third place after Android and Apple, and with the release of Windows Phone, I think Microsoft will bounce, not to a level that threatens Android or Apple, but will most likely sink BlackBerry to the bottom. I used to think that the Torch will stop the bleeding but with this mentality, I think it is game over for RIM. Having nice hardware does not help, its what apps you run on the device. My friends that have Torch, they still use it mostly for email, because there isn't much useful apps out there.

On the other hand, Microsoft is paying big bucks to have apps for their platform, I think they get it!

You know what Basillie, unless you wake up, I think BlackBerry "was" a passing fad.

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