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Apple buys adjacent real estate - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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November 26th, 2010

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02:21 am - Apple buys adjacent real estate
Two interesting news reports today that Apple:
a) is expanding campus by buying adjacent land - an old HP campus
b) RIM top sales personal have defected to Apple for enterprise sales.

Looks like Apple is finally revving the engine and getting things moving in terms of sales, after all the coolness and hype can only go so far, once you cover all the fashionistas and the die hard followers, you run out of people to sell to. Not to mention that the majority of the business community really doesn't care about cool and wants something functional.

I would have to say that Google still has the upper hand in the battle of the smart phones with swamping the market with free OS and with the consumers getting the choice of device, you simply cannot compete against that for domination, you can of course compete with quality (That Apple indisputably has) but for market domination you need to really swamp the market with devices. This is of course in addition to the open platform that the business community craves to develop for, no approval wait periods, no rejections, basically develop then ship the app at your own schedule. Something Apple did not learn and I doubt they will.

RIM? I don't think so.

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