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Android vs iPhone users

One of the great things of the iPhone is that the user experience is very simplified, you don't need a geek to operate the device. Sure there are advanced things you can do with your iPhone, but they are all hidden, making life much simpler for the non-techie user.
The Android on the other hand is still rough around the edges, it gives the user more control on what on how things are done. Take for example how location management is handled. Location services are enabled by default on the iPhone, whereas on the Android are disabled for network detection by default. Many users keep complaining that certain apps don't brutalize network detection, only to realize that their network location services are turned off on their phone!

But the true power of the Android lies with the support for the developer community. Unfortunately, Apple is repeating the same problem they had with Mac vs PC war; they ignored the developer community, while Microsoft totally embraced and empowered their developers. In the short run, Apple will have the upper hand because the software being written for the iPhone is controlled and have higher quality, but in the long run, the Android will have much larger applications than the iPhone, in order of magnitude.

Another interesting point is the cloud vs iTunes debate. The Apple camp continues to tout the iTunes as a much better alternative to Google way of dealing through the cloud. This could be true but eventually people will realize that the cloud is the way to go, because simply, smart phones are just dumb devices if you take the cloud away; there is no way to save files, send files, or do anything without requiring a server (email or otherwise) sitting somewhere to handle our information.
I have a friend for example with an application that crashes on certain iOS devices that he hasn't been able to reproduce. It has been months, he is begging all the people that contact him to send a crash log, but nobody has. He has been receiving many negative reviews on these crashes and no help. In the other hand I have an Android app with a crash, it wasn't a major one but within hours I received many crash reports for that problem, and within hours I managed to put a fix for that problem!! The reason? Android makes crash reporting much easier having the operation performed on the cloud. Developers generally don't like having bugs in their apps, but if they don't know how to reproduce the problem it, they are not going to spend too much time hunting down that issue.
In the end, the quality of the Android software will have much higher standard than that on iOS devices, because the operating system itself is helping them identify issues, whereas on the iPhone, good luck till you receive one user who is syncing their device with iTunes!

Apple has failed to see the importance of helping developers and they continue to fail doing so. Unfortunately, this feels a lot like a deja vu to me!
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