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January 27th, 2011

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12:27 am - Incompetent doctors
I was recently at a Toronto clinic taking my daughter to a surgeon who shall remain nameless. My daughter had an accident in BC that required stitches during Xmas. This surgeon said that there is a white spot on her face and that is due to a dissolvable stitch that is being pushed out because it is not dissolving. Problem is, I was there when the doctor gave stitches to my daughter and none of them were dissolvable. My wife interrupted and said well we took her five days after to take the stitches out, so they are not dissolvable. the surgeon countered that it was just that one stitches that was dissolvable. I was there where my daughter was getting her stitches and the doctor did not say anything about any being dissolvable. Well, we all make mistakes, but what surprised me is that even when we brought up the issue she actually dismissed us and never explained anything.

It is astonishing how many incompetent doctors are there in Ontario and specifically in Toronto, and I have no idea how they all keep their practice. One thing is for sure I am not going back to that doctor.

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