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March 25th, 2011

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12:23 am - BlackBerry vs Windows Phone
I have been developing mobile apps for a long time, but targeting a specific platform is quite tricky.
While it is no brainer to pick which platform to develop for first... usually it's the iPhone then Android, the third platform is now an interesting choice, between market share vs future market share. The decision comes down to basically Windows Phone (The future) vs BlackBerry a dying brand. The problem is that it will take a long time before Windows Phone 7 establishes itself and take market share from the leaders, while BlackBerry still holds a healthy lead(though shrinking by the day).
What make the decision even more complex is the lack of interest in apps by the average BlackBerry user. I remember my wife asking a friend of hers (BB user) to download a messaging app because all she knew is BBM, and that is not compatible with non-BB users.
The friend took weeks to download and run the app, because she didn't know how!
In the past I tried to speak with both Microsoft and RIM about building apps, and while I do have a friend at RIM trying to get me in touch with the right people, BB seemed very disinterested in taking their platform further. MS on the other hand is always responsive, you have to give it to Microsoft for always trying to stay in touch with its developer community. RIM is basically branding itself as a hardware maker in a niche market, but that market is disappearing quickly with all the cellmakers rendering the hardware as a commodity, and the platform is becoming the market itself, while RIM basically have no platform.
If Nokia was standing on a burning platform, RIM is standing on a sinking ship, their market is slipping and not only that they don't care, they don't even see their problem!

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