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April 16th, 2011

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12:01 pm - BlackBerry Playbook
Next week is the release of the most anticipated failed product I have ever seen in the mobile industry. Somehow RIM figured out that making a tablet that with 7" screen and no email, no calendar and no messenger, and only a handful of apps would make a great consumer product??
I have the galaxy tablet for work and it is funny, because the person in charge of the devices usually locks them in his drawer except for this tablet, he said if there was something to be stolen it would be this POS! the 7" screen is truly too small to do anything useful, basically it is a giant smartphone that cannot make calls. People made fun of the iPad being a giant iPhone, but the 7" is very useless.

RIM figured out that if they repeat the failure of galaxy tab they would succeed because they have the enterprise market support.... yet the called the device "play" book! All aside, the lack of email makes this device absolutely useless, basically an expensive gadget to browser the internet. Something you can do on many other existing tablets with thousands of apps and from previous experience with BB Torch browser, they have a better browser anyway.

The lack of apps is another story too. Somehow RIM doesn't get it. They think that people will flock writing apps for this new platform. Forgetting that their platform is not compatible with BB OS, and people developers aren't going to waste time building apps for a platform that is not widespread.

Anyway, I am excited to see the big splash next week that will end in the imploding of the most incompetent smartphone player. Hopefully they will fire their management and get their act together after this failure.
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