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Toronto no longer liberal stronghold! - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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May 3rd, 2011

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03:03 am - Toronto no longer liberal stronghold!
The liberal has been decimated in Canada, not only they lost their popular vote, many of their stronghold ridings have gone to other parties. The NDP took many seats, the rest of them were given to the conservatives through bleeding of votes/splitting.
My favorite part is indeed the fact that Ignatieff lost his own seat! Man that was awesome!
The liberals not only ran a terrible campaign they were mostly incompetent about it. I remember driving by the Ignatieff office in Etobicoke, I saw a sorry office, that looked like a garbage dump literally. You would think that was the office of a third tier candidate, not the guy aiming to win the country. Their volunteers looked absolutely dis-interested.
Then comes the stories of turning down volunteers. I know of many incidents that people have volunteered their time to give huge boost to that party and they either never called them back or turned them down. They might not get the importance of certain efforts, or things might be too much for them to process, but this is the reason why you lose elections. Incompetence and placing incompetent people in your campaign. Infighting and placing yourself first in the election makes you lose them. You need to win, you have to put your party first because votes bleed from one riding to another.

Looking at the NDP, they have probably the best party machine in Canada that understands what it needs to mobilize your troops. It truly shows that this party is terrible at managing anything because they could not manage their own candidates or what areas they should target strategically. They just pushed and mobilized their troops, but if it wasn't for Quebec they would not be anywhere where they are today. I don't understand why they are celebrating, they haven't won anything, in fact they lost in a major way, the conservatives now have a majority, and the NDP had more say before with their few seats than now.
Finally looking at the conservatives, they have a lean mean, party machine. The majority of Canadian might not like them, but they have a very intelligent machine that targets specific regions where it matters. They did not earn 40% of the vote but they took riding after riding, by concentrating their efforts where it matters. And they benefited greatly from the NDP rise such that both the liberals and NDP split their vote to leave the conservatives pick up those ridings that would have never become conservatives.... very smart.
As for the bloc? what bloc?
Anyway, the political spectrum in Canada has changed drastically, at least for the next five years.
The liberals have to do some deep thinking otherwise they are no longer a national party.


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