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Toronto Apartments for Rent

May 18th, 2010

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09:59 am - No Show!

Part of the agreement with MaxAir was that we pull down the basement ceiling in order for MaxAir to design and install the new duct work since it was not part of the agreement that MaxAir does this work, so we went a head with a project to remove the basement ceiling.


By mid October we contacted Mike Preston since the condition to start the work by October 15th was not met. He said that all their drillers were busy that season so we agreed to amend the contract agreement such that the work is to be completed by November 21st and that a penalty is to be paid if the completion date was not achieved (since we were going on vacation soon and we needed the system operational for a couple of weeks before we leave, not to mention that the winter season was arriving).

He visited our home on October 22nd and brought along a new agreement to sign, with a completion date of November 25th 2008. We did not complain that the date was not the agreed upon November 21st because it was only few days after. He asked if a daily penalty of $250 would be sufficient and we agreed on that and signed the new agreement.

Stay tuned... there is more

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