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May 16th, 2011

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10:20 pm - Google IO
Google IO was not very exciting this year, there were many sessions talking about Android and obviously the skyrocketing numbers crushing every other platform out there is astounding but there was major disappointment by the attendees in the lack of new major features.
Google introduced new Music Beta, and rentals.... there are interesting, but honestly there is nothing new. Google is just trying to play catch up here with services that already exist. Sort of reminds me of Microsoft of 10 years ago, when they tried everything out there bringing businesses to the ground and wasting their money without making a major market share gain.

The Chrome OS sessions were equally disappointing, the offering shown was purely subpar, there is a decades worth of apps and features in operating system, so dumping all this and putting a crippled OS to serve people who don't need a fully fledged OS. I don't see how Google is going to convince all these businesses to dump their existing infrastructure and software inventory and switch to something that gives half the functionality without significant savings (and that wasn't the case).


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