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June 15th, 2011

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09:58 pm - Toronto Maple Leafs
While watching a Stanly cup final game I couldn't help myself think that why does the Toronto Maple leafs play so badly? I don't even remember the last game when they played superior hockey.
The problem I think is not with the manager, the players or the coach. It is actually the fans. The Toronto hockey fans are so blind that they would go watch a game and support their team even when it hasn't made the playoffs for years. True, fans should always stick with their team, and support them through good and bad, but after 30 years, it is not good and bad, it is time for fans to stop supporting their team so they realize that they don't get a blank cheque. Toronto needs a team that plays to win, not just play to collect money.

Once they realize that they actually have to play hockey not just skate on ice, they will start to find better players, play harder, find better a coach... do something. and unfortunately until then, nothing will happen. The Toronto Leafs is #1 in the valuation across the whole of NHL, sadly it is usually the much smaller teams that win the cup, let alone make it to the play off!


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