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Even MS tablets beat the Playbook - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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July 22nd, 2011

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01:30 am - Even MS tablets beat the Playbook
OK, well some people might like retro, but I did not see that coming!
It turns out that Tablets running Windows7 beat the RIM Playbook in market share:

how is that possible? Well the only reason I can think of is the incompetence of product development at RIM. With all the hype surrounding their new shiny tablet, and the millions of dollars spent on advertising, I mean even as I was walking into a Futureshop store in Toronto the other day there was a huge sign right at the door telling people to go buy a playbook!

But the real problem is not with advertising or lack of coverage, but rather the lack of functionality in that device. Who on earth would buy a tablet that has no email or Calendar, basic functions needed in any tablet, instead you can only check your emails if you pair it with the worst of the smartphones out there in the market, the black berry.
Note to RIM product managers, the kind of people that buy tablets are savvy technology geeks who already figured out that there is something called iPhone and Android, so if you want to gain this crowd fix your black berry first, or don't make your new shiny tablet dependent on your crappy phones. Go figure!

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