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The end of an era - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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August 24th, 2011

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10:32 pm - The end of an era
Steve Jobs announced that he is stepping down as a CEO. We must all salute one of the most controversial personalities in the tech world. Love him or hate him, he has the marketing genius to build and market gadgets when people failed to understand how they might be useful.
From the personal computer of the 80s to the iPod, the iPhone and finally iPad. He did not invent any of these devices but he certainly made them mainstream.

The Mac made PCs more mainstream before they lost it to Apple, then came along the iPod which not only revived the music industry, it open the door for a new category of handheld devices.
The iPhone wasn't anything revolutionary, though making an easy device that was only used by geeks a super easy to use phone that even my dad can use is certainly something to be proud of.
Even his resistance to tablets that was mocked for ages, he came around and build a frenzy for tablet computers.
And lets not forget Pixar, bringing animated CG a new standard, raising the bar for everyone.
Well done Steve, I hope that you get well soon, and come back. Because even those who don't like Apple need Apple to keep raising the bar and I don't think they can do it without you.


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