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Alberta's pipeline to the Gulf - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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September 3rd, 2011

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04:57 pm - Alberta's pipeline to the Gulf
While driving today I heard that there are some protest against building a pipeline to transport oil from Alberta's oil sands to the gulf of Mexico. While not a big fan of all these protests, they are only a magnet for people who would protest about anything and everything, but I thought to myself, hey! why are we sending a pipeline of crude oil all the way there?
I could think of two reasons: The first, having access to the Gulf itself, so the oil will be exported there easily, and the second, having access to the refineries in the gulf region.
The first makes absolutely no sense, it is a lot shorter to transport the oil to coast of BC, and the oil can then be transported from there by tankers to anywhere in the world, especially eastern Asia, it is a lot faster and shorter.
The second reason made me pause, it makes sense at first thought that we send crude to the refineries down south, but the important question that raises itself here, why not refine the oil then sell it instead of transporting crude oil. Create the jobs right here, and these are not low paying jobs, like most of the ones created for extracting crude oil, you need engineers, high tech etc.
It is very sad to learn that we are shipping crude out of this country, we need to create more manufacturing jobs instead of basing our economy entirely on services and natural resources that will run out one day. Canada has vast lands, but our natural resources should not be the main source of our economy we should at least use that to our advantage and build an economy that is not solely based on resources.
This is not a difficult problem to solve, all that is needed is a government that understands and gives incentives to businesses to expand, any money invested in this country to build manufacturing will bring back multiple times the amount in taxes, not to mention growing overall economy.
So Mr. Harper, this is not Saudi Arabia, we elected you to improve our economy, focusing on useless bailouts to banks and unsustainable car makers is not how to improve this country. And doing nothing like what you have been doing in the last two years is also not an option, your fear that we are in fragile economy makes no sense, we are in a booming economy that we are missing out in the long run. Thank you for destroying Canada Mr. Harper!



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