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Toronto Apartments for Rent

May 19th, 2010

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06:32 pm - No drillers
  By mid November Mike Preston contacted us and told us that all their drillers were still busy but one them was ready to begin the work soon but that driller had one condition which is that the payment be made directly by us and not through MaxAir. Their drillers sent us a separate contract to sign that we would have to make the payment directly to them and no work is to begin before 50% deposit of that payment is made (attached 4). They also mentioned that the reason for requirement to take the payment from us directly was that MaxAir did not make a payment to them in the past.
 That raised a red flag for us especially that we have already made an initial payment to MaxAir, so we needed guarantees from MaxAir that we will not end up with drilled holes in our front lawn and no furnace installed by them and we won’t get our money back.

The story gets even better, stay tuned

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