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Bezos the new Jobs - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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September 29th, 2011

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11:27 pm - Bezos the new Jobs
Jeff Bezos might not have all the glamor and marketing coolness Steve Jobs have, but he is probably the most sophisticated genius marketeer of our generation. He single-handedly made e-commerce mainstream, made buying books and merchendize online a normal thing, competed with e-bay, created the tablet market (Kindle was way before the iPad), made the storage cloud a big trend and is now into streaming, etc.
But the mother of all announcements was yesterday. Many tablet makers tried to steal some market share from the iPad and most have failed miserably, the most recent spectacular failure being the RIM PlayBook.
Then came the HP dropping the TouchPad, and the world went into a frenzy lining up for $99 tablets. Any smart marketer would realize that in order to gain market share you need to drop the prices, the current greedy scheme will not get anyone anywhere, only the iPad has Apple's cool exclusive luxurious brand. Yet nobody moved, RIM dropped their pricing by $50!!!! One wonders how much do they spend on marketing, whearas dropping the price gives you free marketing.
Then came the Amazon fire, the kindle turned into a fire that burns the Amazon! Amazon will basically be losing money on this tablet but making up for it in revenues from content, since it creates a full content echo system, that nobody else has but Apple, and at a price of 199, it is sheer genius!
To be honest I was very skeptical when the first Kindle came out, it was fugly! but later on I realized how Bezos saw an opportunity in a market needing such a device when millions flocked to buy Kindle. In fact I think Kindle started the whole tablet revolution, when tablets where exclusive to geeks using Windows tabs.
Hats off Bezos, you are truly a Steve Jobs without the meanness.


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