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The worst credit card service rep in Canada - Toronto Dude

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November 6th, 2011

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08:23 pm - The worst credit card service rep in Canada
In a previous entry I was speaking about the problems I was having with CIBC's new master card. The problems did escalate further as things got worse not better!

I waited another couple of weeks and I see that the payment still didn't go through. I was getting a little worried because a) interest will start to be charged and b) my card was running out of limit since it hasn't been paid in a long time. I call back the customer service and ask directly for a manager this time. I told them that this is the 4th time I have called about the same issue and have been put at least 2 hours combined on hold so I wanted to escalate the issue. I spoke with Bocar. Bocar seemed like your average bank employee who has no clue how the system works. His story kept changing, at first he told me that the system never carries the automatic payment and I need to sign a new form, then I explained what happened to my account and he said ok, "let me listen to your conversations with previous reps" after it he came back and told me that things should be fine and the payment should go through, it didn't work before that because my card hasn't been activated, the system was waiting for me to have the card activated. This didn't make much sense since my card has been activated for at least a week before then, he told me that I should give it few more days for things to clear up.
This time around I wait 2 weeks, I checked my statement and I see that there is now hundreds of dollars charged in interest. To me, it looked like the situation was getting out of hand so I paid the balance, I was pretty sure at that point that these employees are just incompetent, and have only wasted a good 4 hours of my time in dealing with this.

I then call Bocar (who gave me his extension previously) and I had an interesting conversation with him. He told me that since the payment never went through since the first time after the transfer it most likely was messed up in their system and I should apply again for the automated payment which would be enabled within 60 days. I told him that this was not acceptable at that stage, I would have been more than happy to sign whatever forms when I called them the first time months earlier, but I shouldn't need to wait any time for this to happen especially after wasting my time. He told me that there is nothing he can help me with anymore, but he was going to reverse the interest charges that started to collect in my account, "because I was a good  customer" as if this was my fault in the first place, and they are doing me a favor!
I complained that I was not happy with the level of service I am receiving and I should speak with his supervisor. He insisted that I cannot speak with his supervisor because the supervisor doesn't deal with customers, I should speak with customer care. I told him that I wasn't going to waste my time again to be put on hold after hours of wasted time, his supervisor should be able to answer complaints about his employees when the provide poor and inconsistent customer service like the one I received from Bocar. He continued to resist but then finally gave in and transferred me to his manager "Dennis" but during the transfer process he hang up on me! So I called him back but he never picked up the phone, so I left a message that I was extremely unhappy with the unprofessional way he treated me and requested his supervisor contact me. To this date, I never received that phone call again.

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Date:October 4th, 2013 06:56 am (UTC)

Re: Worst bank I've dealt with to date

We don't have to be stuck. We have everything we need, we only need to come together for the purpose of taking control of our freedom and quality of life. Consumers deserve fair and honest treatment. The banks will still make money, I have no problem with their fees. Canadians would gladly pay for a service that is courteous, fair, and transparent. I am frustrated with all the deception, why do they have to hide their privacy policies and other similar documents? They make them hard to find and when they amend them, like with CIBC, they don't make any effort to notify the clients by any reasonable means. Instead they say on the new document that the new fees will take effect in April 1 2013 only when the account holder is notified by electronic means, and by the way we're notifying you right now in this addendum! Or we MAY post it in the Online Banking section of our website. But they never did. The other bull shit that they state in this new addendum is that if they fail to charge you for these new fees, it does not exempt them from collecting them at a future time. Which is exactly what they did to me!

This will only get worse unless we all do our part. I know I am idealistic and convincing everyone to act in unison is going to be a challenge. It would work and it wouldn't be a lot of work. A simple exercise of a fundamental component of capitalism, consumer choice. We can choose who to do business with. Since all the banks are the same in their products, accounts, fees, and sneaky contracts with clauses that do not favour the consumer. We need to inspire the ones that are left to change their ways to more fair and transparent provisions, if they do not we simply repeat the process and act on our right to choose and close down another giant in the banking world, I think the ones left at that point might want to focus on their customers again because they stand to share 50/50 of the Canadian market. Which will undoubtedly double their bottom line. You have to appeal to their greed, and be sure in the fact that they won't gang up on us, their egos wouldn't allow that and they would throw their momma under a bus for a buck.

We can't be idle and have faith that the system will work itself out and that justice and moral values will protect us from these abuses. That's not the reality, it is simply a set of beliefs that have been engrained into our skulls since we were children. They use the media and movies, entertainment, and other sources to influence and dictate what we believe. They simple use psychology to trick us into believing, and that these beliefs have been independently developed by us. We are manipulated into complacency, and they even throw in the David Szuki's of the world that satisfy any urge we may have to act. We are comfortable that the David Szuki's will not let anything too bad to happen, and if things look bad, at least he's honest and will inform us of any call to action. It's delusional and things are not what they seem.

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