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More from CIBC

Well, I am not sure how long this story will go, but it appears that the incompetence has no limits sometimes!
Of course after having the recent terribly bad experience with the worst bank in Canada I started moving away my services from CIBC. That of course doesn't mean cancelling everything as it will probably be a slow moving process till everything has moved.
The problem is that an item that I have previously bought with my City credit card broke down, and since it has been out of warranty for few months I decided to use the credit card extended warranty, which is now a CIBC credit card oh no!
Typically, this is an easy process, but I wasn't expecting it to be this time around. So I pick up the phone and make the call.
There is a number listed online that handles the insurance at CIBC  for my card so I call that number. Of course with a headache of press option 1, press option 2... etc. I reach someone there, I explained
what I wanted and the person responded, this is a CIBC insurance, I said yes, I wanted to get extended warranty coverage on an item I purchased with my card. (At that point it appeared that I have selected the wrong option there, because the person I was speaking with did not know what I was talking about), he eventually tells me that I need to talk to a different department, fair enough I said.
Then I get transferred to a CIBC rep, she took my info then put me on hold and said, well because you have this card I need to transfer you to a different department and gave me the same number I dialed initially. When I explained that they transferred me to her, she put me on hold again. She then comes back saying, yes you still need to call that other number and tried to hang up on me (normally a competent rep would ask if there was anything else she would help me with!) So I had to interrupt saying, "can you please help me with one more thing, please don't hang up" she didn't. I thought while I am at it (I have been on hold for a while so I must use it) I can ask her what happened to the interest charges to be refunded on my card from the previous story. She looked into my file and said that my file was being looked at by a manager and it has been taken care of. I should see the refund in my next statement. That didn't make sense, since the last interaction was months ago, and I received many statements since without mention about refunding me the interest that was wrongly charged to me, add to that CIBC never attempted to contact me since I left that message with the "manager" Bocar. I explained the story and she said that, yes I should wait another statement.... doesn't make sense but seems very consistent with CIBC's incompetent customer service style.
Anyway, so I end up the call and phone the number she provided me. After few options, and being put on hold I finally got an answer! I need to call yet another number! But this time, a Citi number since the item was purchased when the card was a Citi card. At that time I call Citi but it as too late to call them since they have shut down for the weekend while CIBC was wasting my time, but I was happy at that point since I no longer need to deal with CIBC to handle this case.
I call the next business day and sure enough, it was a fairly simple process and they helped me get things going.

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