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Fuck Rogers

UPDATE Unfortunately, I have switched back to Rogers because the alternative was to deal with TekSavvy Reliability issues, which are not acceptable.

I remember the days when Bell Canada used to be the bad guys, gouging customers, errors in billings that keep piling on, and ever increasing service fees. Rogers was the new kid on the block, they had better service (faster internet) and more reliable cable TV.
Fast forward a decade or two and it seems that Rogers now has become the new Bell. With fees that keep increasing year after year (to serve us better) with a service that is pretty much the same. This is no longer the same Rogers that was created by Ted, the guy who had a Toronto street named after him.

10 years ago, there was no bandwidth limit on how much internet you can use on the Rogers network, then they introduced the limits. Many people were not affected by these limits because it really was meant for those who are addicted to downloading. But those limits have remained pretty much the same all these years, whereas technology hasn't. With Apple TV, Google TV and Netflix on the rise, bandwidth requirement increased significantly, we used 20-30G per month a year ago, but we now require that much in one day.

Then came TekSavvy, they use the same infrastructure as Rogers basically, so the service is not that much different, but it comes with almost 50% cheaper pricing and a much larger bandwidth 300% more and they also have unlimited plans that are still cheaper than those at Rogers.
Rogers decided that instead of competing, they were becoming very aggressive retaining their customers. Last week I called up to cancel, the customer rep offered me 70% off their highest plan. While a great discount, I realized that it wasn't such a great discount if it was to expire after a certain period, they also required to rent a modem for a ridiculous monthly fee. Surely I still cancelled my service with them and that was the first time I leave Rogers internet in over a decade.
Other services remain with Rogers, but I think these will be coming to an end soon. Rogers has become a utility company, and they cannot justify charging so much for their utility, even worse, they cannot justify charging more for a service that doesn't improve. Just like Bell lost their market share, Rogers is now losing the internet market share. If I was an investor I would sell their stock right about now. It is funny that I know 3 people who have switched away from Rogers this week alone!!

So who is going to be the Rogers replacement? Obviously the little guys are a good option, the TekSavvy that everyone raves about is an option, Bell has a huge technological advantage with their fiber lines, something Rogers cannot offer (especially the upload speeds)
On the TV front things are also changing, with the popularity of Netflix, the much anticipated Apple TV, Microsoft's new TV and add to that Google TV. The fight will be there, and all the programming will be over IP. Rogers cable is doomed to disappear.
How about wireless? well that's another one on the chopping block. The new kids like Public mobile and Wind are elbowing in with the big guys, and the illegal practices by Rogers and Bell will stop soon, once the public realizes their deception. The new guys will have better service with much more competitive plans.
So this is the final wake up call to Rogers, you have a monopoly, remain competitive or else.... you already lost one long time customer here.

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