Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
Toronto Dude

Mike Preston

Few years ago I was ripped off by an HVAC guy named Mike Preston who promised to install a geothermal furnace and ran away with our down payment. His original company was called Max Air Geothermal which went bankrupt, later on I learned that this was not the first, and sadly it wasn't the last since he later created Fairway Mechanical through which was also ripping off people according to few commenter who visited the blog (Thanks guys for sharing your stories), in fact one user said that he is ripping banks off now, nice! So I decided to check whatever happened to his company and sure enough the website was down saying that it "has been suspended due to non-payment" well that sounds like Mike Preston alright.... I hope they can get their money!

Anyway, the thing is that I am not sure how such crooks can stay outside of jail and keep repeating their fraud activities without police ridding people out of them, quite surprising. His fraud has been commited against dozens of people yet he is still out and about, more importantly, how can such a scumbag live with themselves? How can they sleep at night?

Tags: fairway mechanical, mike-preston-geothermal
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