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TekSavvy Reliability

Few months ago I was thinking about switching my ISP from Rogers to TekSavvy, the premise seemed unresistable, ditch Rogers who loves to charge its customers an arm and leg and keep offering a service that is years behind while charging for overages over a quota that is simply not enough for today's average internet user. On the other hand TekSavvy, a young company who is giving excellent value for the money.

While on the surface that seemed great, the actual experience is far from. The essence of the issue is reliability! I had to go through the whole switch over process only to realize that the TekSavvy reliability is an overlooked metric. Not because they have poor customer service, or because they have subpar network, their problem is actually caused by Rogers themselves!

It is a know fact that TekSavvy actually doesn't own the network, they are simply a reseller for cable and DSL, but what I didn't know was the actual logistics involved between the reseller and the company providing the service, and in my case... it was Rogers.

What happened was that switching from one provider to another caused me an internet outage of over a week, and this was caused by the fact that Rogers just didn't want to cooperate. The SLA governing the relationship mandated a response within 48 hours, but guess what? Rogers always responded in the last minute. Obviously, their intention is to annoy the TekSavvy customer as much as they can till they feel they are getting less of a service. In my case, it was a modem activation issue, which Rogers claimed that I needed a tech visit to activate. Having done this many times, I know for a fact that a modem can be activated within minutes remotely, all they needed was commision the new modem on their network. But Rogers insisted that a tech was required, and this was all after the activation date, and then offering an appointment date few days after their response. This meant that I had to lose internet for more than the week of back and forth that I already lost. I spoke with the TekSavvy customer service and they said that they basically had no power to correct this problem, although they acknoledged that the issue can be fixed remotely. They are basically at the mercy of Rogers. Unfortunately, I discovered that I wasn't alone on this, a friend of mine had the exact problem, I wish I asked him before the switch.
What this means is that TekSavvy customers are second rate customers who not only rely on two companies, they are getting the worst Rogers customer service experience possible that meets the 48 SLA rules. This made me think that even if I did weather the 10 days downtime opon switch, any problem with the connection in the future meant that I would receive the same poor service from Rogers, which is a big red flag.
So I decided to cancel my TekSavvy switch and went back to Rogers, and sure enough, it only took 10 minutes to activate the modem without needing a tech visit!

So should you switch to TekSavvy? It depends, I wouldn't. But if you use internet as a secondary service and don't care if you had downtime for a while you can certainly save some. If you on the other hand consider internet an essential service, think elsewhere

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