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Mike Preston goes to jail!

Mike Preston head down

UPDATE: Someone is trying to defend Mike's son Chris Preston. They think it is OK to cover up for fraudsters, so despite Chris's covering up for his fraudster dad they think just because he wasn't taking the money himself it still makes him a good kid!! how sad!

WOW! Justice is finally served. After years from having scammed innocent people from their hard earned money, Mike Preston, the crook finally goes to jail. I was contacted by one of the victims and she shared her story and photos.
"He (Mike Preston) got max sentence suggested by the Crown: 6 months PLUS full restitution order. When he gets out, he has 30 days to pay into amounts or goes back to jail. He came dressed in his "costume" - the hapless working man - dirty golf shirt and jeans. He jumped up and tried to beg the judge; "But I need to work..." She told him to sit down and agreed with the crown that the term should be served consecutively (no weekends, not broken up by visits home...YES!!). He started bawling, wiping his eyes. The court was full of burly officers. They cuffed him and took him to jail!!! Right away!! He was asking about his car, asking if he could phone his family - they told him; "You get one call in jail"!! It was a total movie moment. I took pix of him cuffed, and asked him if he remembered telling me all those years ago that there was nothing I could do??? He just shook his head like he was being wronged. The cops escorted him through a crowded waiting room, while we followed and took pix. He would have been utterly humiliated. People were craning to get a good look at this "criminal". Such an important day emotionally. Now on to our architect :P Crown and Consumer Protection would like you to commence an action as well"

Tears now Mike? you have given grief and tears to dozens of innocent families, and you get away with 6 months! that's not even close enough, just be glad that you are only required to return the stolen money and not cover all the damages you caused to those victims. Here are some more photos of the crook.
Love those handcuffs!

And finally this:
with cuffs
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