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Vonage Database Compromised - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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October 24th, 2012

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11:53 pm - Vonage Database Compromised
To avoid spam and to improve password security, I maintain different email addresses when signing up for different services. Long time ago when I signed up for Vonage I started receiving spam on their address. Not making much of that event, I simply created a new address again specifically just for them, but somehow I started to get spam once more on that specific address.
This problem might occur with personal email addresses that my friends have, their computers somehow get infected with viruses or compromised and they get hold of my personal email. But when a specific alias used specifically for a given service receives spam, it means that the company's database has been compromised and my address was obtained from that organization.
The issue is these companies also retain customer info besides email addresses that might also be compromised.
This is truly the result is mediocre software practices, where passwords and important customer information are stored in plain text. Organizations that retain customer information must become liable for any breach of information if they don't provide sufficient security to the customer data. If you are not able to maintain the database with sufficient security measures then don't keep the customer data, you are simply not worthy of retaining that data.

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Date:February 14th, 2013 01:48 pm (UTC)

Vonage customer data leaked / stolen

I also maintain separate email aliases for different suppliers. I have two email addresses for Vonage and have been receiving spam to both of them. I contacted Vonage about the problem but (surprise) did not receive a response.

What is frustrating is that:

a) Vonage customer email addresses have been leaked / stolen
b) Vonage do not respond or acknowledge the issue

I can only speculate how the email addresses got out there, but did wonder whether they had been leaked from the call centres.
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Date:February 14th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)

Re: Vonage customer data leaked / stolen

Yeah, unfortunately some companies don't understand the concept of security, and when they get pushed they start boasting about how secure their network is blah blah blah. Who cares about the security features of your network if the data still leaks

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