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June 2nd, 2013

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05:57 pm - Rob Ford Crack
I am a big Rob Ford fan as a councilor, and although he wasn't my councilor he was one of those most interesting people in council that would say something outrageous, and you laugh. He was also one of those that kept council in check, because you obviously don't want everyone at the city council to think the same. His conservative agenda is also a breath of fresh air, considering that Toronto is by far a left leaning city, and most council members would spend more money in a heart beat.
Having said all this, when he ran for elections as a mayor I was terrified of the idea of having someone like him run the city. The guy knows nothing about running anything besides a dictatorship. He would probably make a good business person running a small company in which everyone listens to him, but running public office is entirely different, you need to get consensus, you need to have leadership abilities to convince others to come to middle ground, or at least approve of what you are asking them to do, that he is not. He is also the kind of person that would consume the world with talking about him. I thought that if he ever was elected nothing will ever get accomplished at the city, and boy was I right! I never thought that the words "rob ford cocaine" can be put in the same sentence!
Rob Ford the mayor was this perfect middle class man that wanted to cut everyone's taxes, he was the anti-establishment, many of my friends and family voted for him as a mayor, they really didn't understand what he stood for, they just wanted someone new.
Fast forward few years, Rob accomplished pretty much nothing of what he said he would do, and everything I expected him to do and then some. I thought council would be just consumed with his $10 savings in coffee, and zoo passes, which he did, but I never expected this whole couching football team and putting them ahead of his duty as a mayor, then he consumes a city with crack cocaine! I would have never thought it would come down to this, yes he was a racist, homophobic, but many people were so in the 70s and 80s, so I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he changed. But he now just became a stubborn guy that doesn't even want to talk to the people that elected him!
Picking a fight with the establishment gets you votes, picking a fight with the media is just stupid. The media is what spreads your message to the people that vote for you, if you fight them, your image will be distorted, and if you don't talk to them, the people will not hear from you. Well, apparently this dumb mayor has opted to do both, have his image distorted and not talk to his voters at the same time.
What is more astounding is the fact that not only he accomplished nothing, nor consumed the whole city with talking about him, is the fact that he keeps saying that everything is business as usual? seriously? if you think this is business as usual, then you shouldn't be in charge of running business, because what is happening now is not usual, it is the image of the city being tarnished.


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