Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
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CIBC bank accounts for immigrants

A while back I have written posts about how CIBC mortgage advisors are the worst, and how CIBC is the worst bank in canada, period, but then a recent commenter on one of these posts wrote a comment about how similar experience they had, and like many others hated what CIBC have done to them, and that reminded me of my first experiences with CIBC, so I thought I should write those too.

Back in the day when I first moved to Canada the first bank I tried to open an account with was CIBC, so I walked into a branch and I asked to open a bank account. Having just arrived here, I was staying at a hotel and had no permenant address, I also had all my money in a draft cheque issued by Royal Bank (which is a Canadian institution!), with very little cash on hand...obiously I didn't want to carry very large sums in cash. CIBC bankers told me that I simply can't open the bank account because I did not have a permenant address!! And the only way to cash the draft cheque would be to open a bank account, so basically my money was stuck and there is no way for me to open an account with them! I asked how could I find a permenant address if my money was stuck in a draft cheque, and their answer was.... sorry we cannot help you!
I was really shocked how poorly this bank is run, but being new to Canada, I thought this was a normal banking experience, no realizing that  I was in fact dealing with the worst bank in Canada
Tags: banks, canada, cibc, the worst bank in canada
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