Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
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CIBC car loans

Sometimes people have bad experiences with one company or another, and that can cause them to have negative reaction to that brand, but the problem with CIBC for me is that I have had way too many negative experiences to make undoubtedly make it the worst bank in Canada.
So my second interaction with CIBC (after trying to open a new bank account with CIBC as a new immigrant) was trying to get a car loan. The story starts after having been in Canada for few months, having a well paying job, I wanted to buy a car, and the financial department of that car maker told me basically that it was difficult to get a car loan through them, simply because I did not have a credit history, being a new comer and all, they explained to me that I need to find a bank that can give me with a car loan, but also be careful about how to get that loan,because every bank I go to will perform a credit check on me, and that on its own has a negative impact esp that I did not have an established credit history. So I chose to go to a CIBC bank at the time, because it was besides the car dealership.
So I walked up there and explained to the associate my situation, I asked him if it was possible to get a loan, and he said yes. He then explained that the process was not guarenteed. So I asked what would happen if I don't get approved, he said, we should run the math first. So he proceeded entering my details into his sytem, and told me that all looks great, and he thinks I can get the loan.
At that point, he took my approval to pull the credit file, and then he goes...sorry, we could not approve you for mortgage, because your credit score is low (due to short life) I told him that he in fact made it worse by making another inquiry on it... his response was, sorry... can't help.
That story made me very angry and I decided that CIBC is a bank I should avoid due to the incompetence of its employees.
Tags: banks, cibc, the worst bank in canada
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