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Harper Economy

If you talk to most people around the globe, they most likely will tell you that conservatives are better at handling the economy. In many cases it is true, but in many others it is not true, and this is especially the case for Canada.
Take for example the misconception of Stephen Harper's superior handling of the economy, he keeps saying that over and over and over, but how about the numbers, do they support his claim?
Let's look at the last 10 years of Harper's Economy and compare it with the previous 10 years....

Data source:

It is absolutely clear that in the last 10 years of Harper, Canada underperformed the previous 10 years. Canada's GDP grew less than half rate of the growth during the previous 10 years, let alone stagnant wage growth, or high unemployment numbers. Yet Harper continues to say that Canada was doing great, and how in "global uncertainty" we should do nothing and be afraid to invest aggressively in programs that grow the economy.... because you know what? it is doing just fine.
The danger with that kind of thinking is that Canada is being outranked globally by other countries, if you stand still other countries are not standing still, they are growing their own economy and surpassing you. In 2006 Canada was ranked the 8th economy by GDP, now it is no longer in the top 10 economies, it has gone down to 11th (surpassed by Russia, India and Brazil) and will soon be surpassed by Australia which currently sits at #12.

One thing the conservatives are good at however is the ability to articulate that they are best for the economy, the opposition is always trying to articulate their position but come short, very short, they somehow try to talk about how they can help the middle class, or the poor who in a sense don't see a direct corelation (at least not in the short term) between their well being and the country's GDP growth. I think this is a shame, because if the discussion turns into hard numbers we will all be better off, be it under non-conservative government that tracks the growth of the economy and makes sure it is growing or a conservative government that knows that it actually matters to grow the economy, not just perception that they are doing a good job.
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