Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
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Toronto's toll delima

It is quite fascinating to see Toronto struggle with adding tolls to its two major highways. Ironically, from the political perspective, the Mayor was pushing for the tolls something his base would disagree with, and it was the Premier who pushed against it, something against what her base would want her to do.
But let's just step back to see what is the impact of adding tolls to the residents of the city.
First, whom would these tolls impact? If someone needs to drive downtown, they will drive downtown, if their area is not served by TTC there is no other option, so the whole argument that tolls will force people to use transit is just ridiculous. Having said that, the tolls might force *some* people into taking transit, but these people are in fact the disadvantaged, those who cannot afford the tolls. So in a sense, these tolls are simply against the poor. They will not solve any congestion because let's be realistic, even those disadvantages who cannot afford to pay tolls will simply take side roads adding more congestion instead of taking transit, because they don't have transit option in the first place.

Toronto is Canada's biggest city and the economic engine of the country, so it should have a major city transit, sadly adding tolls is not the answer to making people use transit, having a decent transit is what makes people take transit.

Tolls are just an inefficient way to collect taxes, it will cost significant amount of funds to collect and administer the toll fees while if compared to other methods (increasing property tax) that are already in place.
Another thing that boggles my mind is how property values have doubled in price in the last 10 years, meaning that property tax have equally doubled over the same period while inflation staying at historically low levels. Where is this money going?
Tags: taxes, tolls, toronto
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