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IIS Reverse Proxy Post with Form Parameters - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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February 11th, 2017

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07:40 pm - IIS Reverse Proxy Post with Form Parameters
So one of our servers was running a reverse proxy (via IIS URL rewrite module) as part of the site to connect to an external service, was working fine till form posts stopped working all of the sudden! At first we thought the problem was on the remote server being proxied, with a lot of troubleshooting we didn't get anywhere.
We then started to troubleshoot the ARR itself by setting up a test site with a simple form request, and sure enough the problem was there whenever there was a form post parameters.
But where is the problem?

As it turns out, the problem has to do with the hosting site. Whenever the hosting site touches request parameters, they get erased before it gets to the ARR and hence the remote server stops getting these parameters (actually the remote server continues to wait for these parameters but never gets them so it times out)
Basically the problem was caused by a code change we have made, we have some code in global.asax of the hosting site that checks for authorization, and we added code to check fo specific request parameters to perform special authorization checks, these changes caused ARR to stop working.

How to solve the problem?
Well, there are two ways to solve it:

  1. Change the filter (or global.asax) to check the URL and if it met the conditions to trigger the reverse proxy make sure to avoid touching the request parameters.

  2. Move the Reverse proxy to its own application, convert the ARR folder to an application to stop the hosting site filters from kicking in.

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