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When 1+1 not = 2 - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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July 1st, 2018

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11:59 am - When 1+1 not = 2
With the rise of populism all over the world, it is interesting that Canadians were not immune from this trend in recent elections.
The interesting part however, is that the new populist trend is not limited to vague promises of "Hope" and "Change" but rather actual promises of things that are not possible to fulfil due to pure faulty math. People always like the person who tells them what they like to hear, and while vague promises got people elected based on these promises, the new way of promising the impossible seems to have taken a new trend. One wonders if the electorate will clue on this, or simply keep switching to the one promising the impossible?
And while the Canadian federal liberal got elected by promising a lot of things with a side dish of deficit, Trump got elected on promises that violate the federal law (banning an entire religion or race from travel), building a wall and saying their neighbour would pay for it, and promising to fix trade when the problem is not trade itself but rather local laws that allows companies to ship manufacturing offshore with no consequences.... if you are not manufacturing goods, how do you expect people to buy from you?
Ontario on the other hand went a very different route, electing someone without even having the numbers to back up their promises (there was no actual platform to run on, just promises!) and the major promise of cutting spending without cutting services, as if math and logic don’t matter anymore. And if that wasn’t enough, they threw in the $1 beer. Though expectedly, their first order of cuts was cutting coffee from civil service, as if that was causing the runaway budgets!
And while the new trend is alarming, it is not dangerous on its own, as math always wins, what’s alarming, is what’s going to happen in future elections? What will they promise?

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