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Giant drill shows up at our house!!! - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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May 21st, 2010

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10:47 am - Giant drill shows up at our house!!!
Around 4 pm on Tuesday, to our surprise a huge drill arrived at our residence, my wife went out to see why they have sent a drill even though we have canceled our project with Mike and that we did not sign a separate agreement with them. The owner of the drill said that Mike has called him that afternoon and told him that they should send a drill to our residence (contrary to our agreement with Mike). The drill owner said that they will drop the drill off and wait for the outcome of our meeting with Mike that night.

I tried to call MaxAir multiple times but nobody was available. Few hours later, I received a call from Dave saying that Mike could not come to our place that night due to reasons he is not able to say to us. I told him that their drillers have already sent a drill and he said that I should tell them that they should not start any drilling, so when I arrived home I put a sign on their drill that they should not start the work. I also managed to find an alternate phone number for drillers that had a voice mail and I left them a message telling them the project with MaxAir has been canceled.

The next morning the driller called me back and she said that they will remove the drill soon (she was very understanding of the situation). 2 or 3 days after the drill was removed, but that resulted in destroying the front lawn which will cost us a significant amount to fix.

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