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May 21st, 2010

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02:15 pm - Google IO
The Google IO this year has been great. There was a lot of product announcements, including GoogleTV. Google TV seems like an interesting product with great potential for development. Definitely will keep an eye on it.
The majority of the sessions were very lacking on the details, very few advanced sessions and they somehow managed to put the interesting sessions at the same time slot, and I missed one session because it was all full.
Kudos to the Android team, they had the most interesting sessions with useful info.
I got to meet a couple of developers on the Chrome team and API teams, the Chrome developer promised to track down a bug in Chrome that reduces the image loading performance with some weird prioritization that happens with the imaging project I am working on.

And to top that, they gave us a bonus pre-release HTC EVO phone... great give away except that it only works on Sprint, which is not available in Canada.... darn CDMA technology it really sucks.

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