Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
Toronto Dude

Mike's son!

Early December , we received a call from Dave Madill (a former MaxAir employee) saying that he has started a new business for geothermal installation “Fresh Air Thermal Dynamics” and asked if we wanted to use their services to install a geothermal furnace. I told him that we might consider them if we helped us recover our original payment to MaxAir, but he said that we should contact Mike Preston if we wanted the money back. I asked him if he knew how we can contact Mike since the number we have for him is not in service; he said he didn’t have Mike’s contact info.
Later on I learned that Chris Preston “Mike’s son” is one of the owners of Fresh Air Thermal Dynamics.
All I had to say: fool me once!

Did he really think we would give them more money? wow... just wow.
Tags: mike-preston-geothermal
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