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May 24th, 2010

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03:49 pm - Mike's son!
Early December , we received a call from Dave Madill (a former MaxAir employee) saying that he has started a new business for geothermal installation “Fresh Air Thermal Dynamics” and asked if we wanted to use their services to install a geothermal furnace. I told him that we might consider them if we helped us recover our original payment to MaxAir, but he said that we should contact Mike Preston if we wanted the money back. I asked him if he knew how we can contact Mike since the number we have for him is not in service; he said he didn’t have Mike’s contact info.
Later on I learned that Chris Preston “Mike’s son” is one of the owners of Fresh Air Thermal Dynamics.
All I had to say: fool me once!

Did he really think we would give them more money? wow... just wow.

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Date:October 19th, 2012 01:00 am (UTC)
I would like you to retract your uniformed implied comment on Chris Preston.

Chris started the business to get away from Mike, unfortunately the business failed simply due to poor management skills. Chris was only the principle installer and had nothing to do with operating it. He was listed as an owner simply because the people who started Fresh Air needed someone with the kind of experience he had in installing.

Chris is a good kid, he never wanted much to do with his father and was simply doing what he felt was best at the time. Never once did he scam anyone or have any intention to do so.
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Date:October 19th, 2012 03:34 am (UTC)

I don't know Chris

Stating that he is "a good kid" does not change the fact that he is the son of a crook, and worked with his dad the crook that scammed dozens of families out of their hard earned money.
If he truly was a good kid like you said he would have at least apologized to the victims, and not worked with his dad on the subsequent rounds of scamming people and bankruptcies.
Also starting a new business with the same liars and crooks simply means he was OK with their practices regardless if he was needed or not.

What needs to be retracted is his dad's behavior and return all the stolen money from the victims, and compensate them for the extra damages resulting from the committed crime.

Date:October 19th, 2012 11:39 pm (UTC)

Re: I don't know Chris

Being the son of a crook is not his fault in any way and it is ignorant of you to think that it was in any way his fault for what his dad has done. Was he running MaxAir? Was he personally collecting money that his dad scammed from families? no, he was just a kid working for a paycheck so he can stay in college and keep his car on the road.

How do you figure that he would have any of the families contact info? that he would personally go to every families house and pay them back? I can personally tell you that Chris never had any of the money that Mike scammed from a customer and when he learned of his fathers practices he immediately tried to distance himself from it all.

And it wasnt the same liars or crooks that he started a business with, im sorry but your aggressive point of view is simply wrong and uneducated.
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Date:October 20th, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)

Re: I don't know Chris

>Being the son of a crook is not his fault in any way?
No that is not his fault, BUT working for a known crook IS.
MaxAir is not Mike's first scam, and choosing to work for a known scammer after what Mike has done in his previous scams only shows that he knew exactly what he was getting into. Working for a known fraudster is basically participating in fraud, he might be clear legally, but ethically he is definitely not in the clear.

>How do you figure that he would have any of the families contact info?
Oh yes he knows. The crooks of Fresh Air contacted me personally trying to sell me stuff, and when I confronted them they said they don't know how to get hold of Mike to get my money. Guess what? A son doesn't know his dad's phone number? that's just very funny. If he did not agree with his dad at least he would give me his phone number, but it is very obvious he was involved in the cover up for the scam.

>that he would personally go to every families house and pay them back?
Yes, Mike made sure that none of the stolen money was in his name. He put the asset in his family's name. The family had the stolen assets and continued to keep them, hence it is a family of crooks, not just Mike.
If someone gave me stolen money and I knew it was stolen I would certainly give it back.

>And it wasn't the same liars or crooks that he started a business with
Yes, they were I talked to them on the phone! The same people involved in the scam were running FreshAir and were still covering for Mike.

>im sorry but your aggressive point of view is simply wrong and uneducated.
The uneducated view here is yours, I personally did speak to FreshAir myself, and they were telling me a bunch of lies, so yes they were the same crooks and liars.
Date:October 20th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)

Re: Chris Preston is honest

Chris Preston had come to customers to complete jobs his father left behind. He is a young, honest kid with a conscience. He did not know what his father was up to. No one knew the extent of Mike's deceit. Chris heard the phone calls, the complaints, and tried to make it right for the customers left in the lurch. He was only 23 years old, I know that he was trying to make it right. Chris Preston is honest.
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Date:October 20th, 2012 02:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Chris Preston is honest

They contacted me to get more money, not to help complete the job his dad didn't do. On top of that, he refused to give me his dad's phone number. Even a 13 year old would help victims get their money back. 23 is no child, he new exactly what was happening.
Date:February 20th, 2013 07:40 pm (UTC)
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