Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
Toronto Dude

Mike Preston and MaxAir

UPDATE: It turns out Mr. Mike Preston the crook is now operating under a new business name Fairway Mechanical so if you are out looking for a new furnace watch out!

So my favorite post in this series is to report that the biggest crook of them all has been caught.
TheStar has written a report recently on Mike Preston and MaxAir and interviewed few people who have been scammed by him.

Mike says:
“I don’t want someone to have the wrong impression that I’m a crook,”.

You know what Mike Preston? you are a crook, it is not the impression that matters, what matters is who you are and what you have done. So I will dedicate this post to you. Whenever someone Googles "Mike Preston geothermal" this post is just another story of what you have done to people.

if you want to follow this entire series try this link Mike Preston Geothermal

Mike Preston
Tags: fairway mechanical, mike-preston-geothermal
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