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Apple largest tech company in market cap - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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May 26th, 2010

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05:39 pm - Apple largest tech company in market cap
Today Apple surpassed Microsoft as the largest IT company in the world in market cap. The first thought on my mind is that Steve Ballmer should bury himself! really...
He led (if not single handedly) the largest IT company with most software products into the ditch. They have not had any product to get consumers excited about for a long time. Last fall there were rumors about the Microsoft Courier, everyone was so excited about the prospects of that products, it looked way cooler than any other slate (or tablet or whatever you call it). A couple of weeks ago Microsoft announced that they canned the Courier project... say what?
Bill Gates is the father of tablets, I remember seeing him in an interview with Steve Jobs where he said that the future is Tablet, not computers, not notebooks.... Tablets.... Steve Jobs on the other hand dismissed that. Guess what, Apple makes a big splash with their iPad while Microsoft not only being late to market (except with their lame existing offerings) they cancel the most promising tablets they had to offer. Way to go Ballmer.

Tablets aside, Microsoft is a Tech giant, compared to Apple, they have a gazillion product, from servers to developer tools, to productivity suites to search, to online tools.... Apple on the other hand is a one trick pony they produce one product every 2-3 years that works really well and whip a market frenzy around it with insane profit margins and people still buy their stuff because it works.
I am not a big Apple fan because of their disrespect to the developer community in general, but if someone wanted to buy a computer to write email or browse the web they should buy an Apple (assuming they don't mind paying premium). They have good customer service, their stuff has limited uses but the average consumer does not want to write software or run a web server on their machine, not everyone wants to run book keeping software, or fancy 3D visualization.

So Ballmer, you need to step down, you run the company with the largest offering and most useful platforms yet you fail to market it well, so please leave MS.... let's all home that will bring Microsoft again into innovation instead of canceling useful projects.

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