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Tomorrow is the big day - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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June 8th, 2010

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11:28 pm - Tomorrow is the big day

I guess the first time of having a baby is very exciting, but there is also some level of anxiety . The whole idea of entering a new world, you don't know what to expect, especially if you were not around babies before. It is a totally life changing experience, and you feel a little stunned as you are transformed because of the unknown and not knowing what to expect.
Subsequent children is different I guess, there is still that excitement but much less anxiety (if any). You have been there, you have done it before, so there is little unknown waiting for you. So it is definitely a mix of excitement and calm at the same time.

When we had our first child we also used to rent our house as opposed to own it, so to make things even more interesting, we decided to buy a house. And to make matters worse, we bought one that needed renovations, I guess we love challenge:) Obviously this time around there is no new house, but we still had a little reno-project going before the baby is due, I guess we still liked a challenge :) but we decided this time that we have our challenge before, not after. So no need to move out of our rental, give notices to landlords, arrange for movers, or talk to contractors all the time while the baby is only a few weeks old.

Anyway, off to my exciting day now.


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