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June 10th, 2010

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05:31 pm - Admob vs Apple
So there is quite the story on Apple's recent changes to the advertising policy on the iOS. Omar wrote a blog entry about it saying that a large chunk of innovation on the iPhone wa due to the advertising channels offered by third party ad providers.
And to be honest I am not one of those who rail against apple for putting restrictions in the use of their SDK after all it's theirs and it will only hurt apple in the long run by driving away developers, not that Apple respected them in the first place. However changing policies on people who have invested effort and resources to lock them out because Apple wants to compete in that space is dirty. Apple here is losing the developer commnity day after day but even more dangerously losing the trust of businesses. Right now iOS is more of a gadget OS let's face it, very few if any iPhone apps actually cost over 100k to develop, businesses gave been sitting on the sidelines waiting before pouring billions into developing mobile apps. This will make them even more scared. Imagine investing a millon dollars developing a medical app then apple decides to enter the industry and they pull your app of the store, similar to what happened to gadget apps few weeks ago. Just a scary thought for any project manager. So in my opinion apple has developed this great gadget that has the potential to be an industry changing if not world changing platform and they scare everyone from innovating on this platform! Well that sounds awfully familiar if you remember the 90s when the mac became just a gadget to keep at home.
I am just hoping that this time around the Feds would intervene to save Apple from destroying itself again, because these action are anticompetitive to say the least, Microsoft got in trouble simply for building software imagine if they banned firefos or netscape! The world would have flipped on them.
I am sure Apple is not stupid(apart from repeating the same mistakes again) I think they are simply pushing the boundaries. And if they are lucky the fed and EU will intervene again because this could be the make or break point, right here right now.

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