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Bugs bugs bugs and Apple - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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June 13th, 2010

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10:30 pm - Bugs bugs bugs and Apple
Man, so it appears that a major reason for the delay of the app is that Apple has found a bug in our App. The bug is very obscure, it would rarely happen, and somehow they found it, problem is we had a similar bug and we thought we fixed it, it turned out we fixed the wrong bug, so that caused even more delays.
The problem is now our app has been stuck for approval, stopping many other fixes to more important bugs and enhancements from reaching our users, just because Apple has not found these bugs, but they found one obscure bug that they think it is important....
I mean come on Apple, there is dozens of apps that crash under regular use, do you really delay important fixes just because they crash on rare use case? even worse, the fact that you are blocking the app for such long periods you are hampering businesses to improve on their app because the development cycle is basically stuck, waiting for this current version to clear.
Is it too difficult to say, ok we approve your app on the condition that you upload a fixed version within a week, at least this would keep things moving. Trust me, if a business discovers they have a serious bug they want to fix it right away, but with your long approval process you are just making this more and more difficult to fix. Your approval process is already broken, so don't make it even more broken by blocking fixes to an app due to a small more obscure bug.
Just my 2 cents here

Here is to hoping that the next builds gets uploaded soon

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