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June 14th, 2010

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10:40 pm - Natal
OK, so Microsoft today announced Kinect... I have to say it, is the Microsoft marketing team that stupid, really?
You have a project that everyone knows by a name, you already have branded it Natal, people are super excited and psyched about it, then the day you introduce it you change  the name, well it is ok to do that if the name was cool, but Kinect? it is remotely cool sounding, it sounds like a mispronunciation of a whole bunch of things, and it rhimes with nothing interesting.

The whole event is cool though, XBox has by far been a geek thing, Wii has captured the casual gamer or non-gamer demographic and both Microsoft and Sony have been sleeping at the till on the gaming console market for years (has it been 5 already?), so they finally got it both, Sony and Microsoft that is. And it looks like Microsoft went very original with the no-controller required thing..... we have yet to see how well this works, but the demos look quite cool.
The Cirque du Solei thing while the first good marketing initiative to come out of Microsoft in ages, I was expecting the whole thing to be Natal+Cirque du Solei, but it looks like it was only half of that. A bit disappointing, but nevertheless a good way to capture the uninterested in gaming demographic.

I also think that the whole entertainment system concept is the way to go, why not capture all the demographic with that: A gaming console, home theater that is controller free. Apple seems to have lost that game already, Sony is stalled, Google is putting a good challenge with Google TV, so now Microsoft has come up with a brilliant idea. We have yet to see if it will be Microsoft's controller free or Google's superiour services who wins the game in the end.

In either case, I think consumers are the winners here, because the home entertainment market has been stuck in gear for years (except for the larger screens)

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