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Toronto Apartments for Rent

June 18th, 2010

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10:43 am - Apartment Rentals industry
To be honest, I never thought that an industry can be so well behind in terms of technology. Granted, the industry is saturated with different websites that want to get the industries money, but I guess anyone can outsource a website to India for under 1K and claim they have a rental site. So it comes down to few things: is this website generating traffic? How much will it cost? and does it have a potential.
Certain things are hard to judge, like the traffic thing, without actually trying the site there is no easy way. The cost, there are plenty that offer free listing, some of them come with strings attached.
Then there is the whole mobile industry, I understand that mobile is a new thing, but it is not really that new, BlackBerries, iPhones and Android phones have been out for years now, and there are millions of smart phone users in Canada, it is really no brainer for the Apartment Rental companies to try to capture these users. I guess somehow Canada is lagging in terms of technology compared to the US. Is it the lack of understanding of this huge market? or is it just the lack of vision? that is yet to be seen.
Being mobile is not just a fad, or gimmick, of course people will want to look for apartments on their mobile device! you are out for lunch and you like a neighborhood then you can simply find what apartments for rent are out there with your phone. You are in the train and have 15 minutes to spare, you can just search then, there is no need to wait till you go home to do apartment hunting, just find your apartment rental on the go.
Then there is the whole Apple factor, millions of Apple fan boys are out there who want to use their cool iPhone or iPad to do stuff, why not target them?
And for the old fashioned ones, they can find toronto apartments for rent on the website, but in my opinion, it should all be mobile.
Anyway, I guess for any new idea, there is some skepticism if it will work, and you certainly need vision to understand that this will work, and to be honest some companies have very good understanding of the potential for this huge market, but till everyone signs up to the concept, finding apartments for rent in Canada will remain behind.

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